Watercolor I painted for Mom

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Flower Cart Watercolor ©2013
Flower Cart, Watercolor by Loribeth Clark

This watercolor was painted specifically with my mom in mind. I took a picture of this cart when my mom and I took a trip to Shipshewana together a few years ago. I took it with the idea I would paint it with acrylics, but then I started sketching it with watercolor pencils just for fun. Then, when I saw how beautiful it turned out, I got out my paintbrushes and water, and went to work turning it into a painting. 

I love using watercolor pencils. I can get so much detail that can’t be achieved with watercolor paints. Yet, I still get what I consider the ‘romance’ of watercolor. You can’t get that with any other medium. 

Anyway, I gave this watercolor to my mom this past Christmas, and she loved it. 

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