A Christmas home tour, while I’m kicked out of the kitchen

Merry Christmas! Jim kicked me out of the kitchen while he makes our family’s traditional Krumkakes, so let’s do a Christmas home tour. Come on in, and we’ll try to stay out of his way!

Sitting by the fireplace
I’m kicked out of the kitchen

A couple years ago my best friend gave me this antique sled because she thought it would nice on our front porch at Christmas. I picked up the little wreath at Goodwill, and I think it looks super cute on our front porch. So she was right, but most of all, I love this sled because she gave it to me, and now it’s always going to be part of our Christmas traditions.


Christmas sled
Christmas sled

Next year I think I’m going to do some garland on the porch railings… One thing at a time though. It’s only our second Christmas in this house, and I’m still figuring out everything I want to do for Christmas decorations.

Okay. Let’s go in and take a peek at the kitchen…

Jim in the kitchen
Jim busy making Krumkakes

Oops! He’s still not finished, and the kitchen is a bit of a mess. Let me show you a picture of the kitchen from a couple of weeks ago, so we don’t get in his way.

Christmas kitchen
My Christmas kitchen

This year I put wreaths up in the kitchen. Like I said, I’m still figuring out how to decorate this house, so I’m adding little touches every year. The wreaths are this year’s addition to the kitchen. What do you think? Festive, huh?

Krumkakes – A family tradition

Before we leave the kitchen, I’m going to snag one of the Krumkakes Jim’s making. Help yourself. There’s always plenty to share, but be careful, they’re really crumbly and make a mess if you’re not familiar with how to eat them.

Christmas tablescape
Christmas table

Just a quick look at the dining room. I added these adorable plate chargers and some gold plates to the table settings. I still love my snowman centerpiece. He makes me smile every year.

Now onto my favorite room… The sitting room. It’s where we put the Christmas tree. I didn’t put my breakable ornaments on the tree this year because I wasn’t sure if the kittens would leave it alone.

Bella under the tree
Bella stretching out under the tree

As it turned out, both of them have done a pretty good job of leaving the Christmas tree alone. They were interested in it when I was decorating it, but now that it’s up, they’re really not interested in it. Completely surprising.

Sitting room Christmas
My favorite room with our Christmas tree

In the sitting room, I added some candles to the fireplace. We still built a fire in the fireplace, so adding the candles made it feel cozy. And that’s what I think Christmas should feel cozy. That’s how I want our whole home to feel.

Tia and Sophie
Didn’t want to leave Tia and Sophie out

Oh! Two more pictures. I don’t want to leave out the other two members of our family. I don’t know why I can’t get Tia and Sophie to pose by the tree, but at least they’re by the new red and white pillow I got for the living room.

Well, that’s pretty much everything, and think Jim is probably done in the kitchen by now. If you want to visit for a while longer, we can share some eggnog and have some more Krumkakes. If you don’t get them now, there won’t be any left.

Yes, they go that fast.

Merry Christmas!

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