A week of Ups and Downs

Tia's Purple Ball

What a week! The launch of my website was FANTASTIC!! Love all the wonderful congratulation messages and the good wishes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It was totally awesome!!!

I hope you’re totally digging the site. Please let me know if there’s anything special you’d like to see in the blog, or a service, or anything. I want to make sure you continue to enjoy it. Who knows, I might even try my hand at doing a video. Shoot me an email if you have an idea for one that you’d like to see.

So that part of the week was great! Buuuuut… We got some bad new about one of our fur-babies. We took Tia in for an x-ray afraid that she might have bladder stones again. We were praying that wasn’t the case, because we knew if she did, we’d have to make a very sad decision.

You see, Tia is 15 years old. Surgery is out of the question for her, because she’s just too old. Pomeranians have a lifespan of 12-16 years, so she’s old even by Pomeranian standards. Surgery would just be too dangerous.

Tia looking cute as always
Tia smiling

So we were praying she didn’t have bladder stones. Luckily, she doesn’t have any stones. Her bladder looks good. She also doesn’t have a urinary infections, so that’s good. However, the doctor did find something.

Turns out our baby has a tumor on her spleen. Normally, an operation would be performed, the spleen would be removed, and a biopsy done on the tumor. Unfortunately, as I said, Tia is too old for surgery, and we don’t want to take the risk. Luckily, she’s not in any pain right now, and the vet doesn’t think it’s time to make any life altering decisions.

So what does that mean? It means, we have to love her as much as we can. The vet said she could last a month, she could last six months, or she could last a year. We just don’t know how much longer she’ll be around. But honestly, we’ve known that for a long time. Given how old she is, we know our future with her is much shorter than our past.

Tia watching waiting for her dad to come back.
Tia waiting for her Dad to come back to the car.

I’m happy to say, right now she’s not showing any signs of slowing down. She’s still the same smiling Tia who loves to kiss noses. She still hops around when it’s time for breakfast and dinner, and she still follows me from room to room. So until she lets us know she’s ready, we’ll be treasuring every day with her.

Sometimes I guess we just have to take the bad with the good. I just love this little girl so much… As sad the diagnosis is, I’m just grateful she’s still here, and I know every day with her is a gift.

Hey! The good news is she’s still okay for now, and she’s still happy! Yes, her diagnosis is sad, but she doesn’t know that. All she knows is that she loves us and we love her. She lives everyday happy to be here.

Leave a comment! It can be about anything… About the website, about Tia, about a pet of your own, or even about how your week was. All comments are good!!!

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5 years ago

I am so sorry about Tia, but you are right that in some ways it doesn’t really change anything. Just makes enjoying her a little more bittersweet.

Sandra Massengill
Sandra Massengill
5 years ago

I’m so sorry about your beautiful Tia. Good luck with your website!!