...always look forward to coming home

Home should nurture us when life is always changing

Life never stands still...

Life isn’t static. It changes all the time. There’s almost always something going on with family, friends, career, volunteering, and everything else demanding our time…

The problem is often we’re so focused on all those things that we might not notice we’re missing the sense of calm and the release of tension we used to get when we came home. We no longer feel nurtured when we walk through the door.

Instead, the chaos seems to continue. We feel surrounded by all the things we’ve put off at home. It’s no longer an escape from the daily stress of life.

It didn't happen suddenly...

If it happened suddenly, we would have noticed. It’s not like when the refrigerator broke, and you knew immediately because the cream for your coffee was warm.

Pretty flowers to bring beauty into the day.
Flowers make bringing joy into your home easy.

No… this feeling creeps up on us unexpectedly, this feeling of unrest at home, and we can’t even pinpoint when or how it happened.

When it comes to hour homes, we just continue on with our busy lives until it dawns on us that what used to bring us joy at home now looks as tired and uninspired as we feel. The house, and everything else, feels overwhelming.  The wonderful feeling of being home is missing..

That's where I was a few years ago...

Now you’d think, being an artist and an interior designer, my home would be beautifully decorated and that I’d never get tired of it. Well, let me tell you… That ain’t true. My life and my tastes change like everyone else’s.

That was certainly the case as I looked around our living room and realized we had a lot of stuff that no longer brought me joy and that definitely didn’t fit who my husband and I had become as a couple and a family.

I wanted that feeling of calm and contentment when I walked through our door, knowing I was surrounded by things we cherished. It was time for a refresh, an upgrade. Time to make our home feel like us again.  To make it a place of refuge and relaxation where we could escape the stresses of daily life

Does this sound like where you're coming from? Maybe a little?

We’ve all spent a lot of time at home recently, so maybe you’re in the same place. You’re ready to refresh your home and make it feel more like you and your family. You’re ready for something different. Something that reflects who you are. 

One thing that’s true for a lot of us at this point is we know for sure we want our homes to provide us with space to unwind and be ourselves, where we can shut out the noise of all the other responsibilities we have. We’re ready to reclaim our homes for ourselves. 

So how do we begin?​

Cup of coffee and a good book
Relaxing with a cup of coffee and one of my favorite books by Alexandra Stoddard.

Well… I hope that’s why you’re here. Each of us will be beginning at a different place. So we’re going to find out as we spend some time together here. Stick with me. I have a lot of ideas, tips, and inspiration that I’ll be sharing in my blog to help you move forward.  Let’s recapture that wonderful feeling of being home! 

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Pink Rose

More about Loribeth...

Loribeth Clark

“Having a home you love, enhances your overall well-being and happiness. It should be a space that brings you joy and inspiration… the place you always look forward to returning whenever you’ve been away.” 

~ Loribeth Clark

LC STUDIOS is a combination of my interior design studio and my art studio, which are both passions of mine.

But as my husband moves into retirement, I’m finding that my focus is changing. More than ever, I want our home to be beautiful, but simplified, as Jim and I will be sharing it together even more than we have while he was working. 

I was going to tell you about my creative process and about my work. I still love interior design; however, I am scaling back on that. I’m looking at other creative endeavors that Jim and I can do together. We’re still figuring that out. 

I have a feeling that this website is going to become even more than it was before. When life changes, there is much to share. 

So come with me on this journey. Make your home and your life everything you dreamed. Share your success and challenges with me. I promise I’ll be sharing mine with you! 

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