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i’ve been an artist all my life

I just didn’t realize I was an artist until I realized everything I do is artistic in one way or another. I always thought of art as a hobby. But since the beginning, I’ve worked with pastels, acrylics, and watercolors, and now, more recently photography. My art is always evolving and influences everything I do.


London Calling Watercolor
"London Calling" - Watercolor

Several years ago, I took a trip solo to London. It was the first time I had done something like that on my own, and I discovered my inner strength. It’s where I found myself.

Romance Oil on on Panel
"Romance" - Oil on Panel

My first time trying my hand at using oils. The ability to blend colors is wonderful, but I am not sure I will continue with them. I am just too impatient to wait for them to dry. 

Lake Michigan Sunrise
"Lake Michigan Sunrise" - Acrylic on Canvas

Do you know that moment when the sky and the water blend into one color just before the sun peeks over horizon with a whisper of color? That’s the moment in this painting.

Lighthouse Dunes
"Lighthouse Dunes" - Acrylic on Canvas

Michigan as the longest freshwater coastline of any place in the world. Which means, there are a lot of lighthouses, and a lot of inspiration for art.

Harbor View
"Harbor View" - Acrylic on Canvas

This is one of my favorites. I went through a tropical phase for a while. This one could easily be of Michigan, but is actually of the Bahamas.  My mom wants this one. I’m not sure why I haven’t given it to her. 

Pink Sands
"Pink Sands" - Acrylic on Canvas

On Harbor Island in the Bahamas there is a Hotel called the Pink Sands. This is the entrance. I don’t know…It just seemed terribly romantic to me.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but I find that I’m most inspired by architecture and nature. 


Her Red Hat
"Her Red Hat" - Watercolor

Ahhh… the exception. I was playing around with my watercolor pencils and this lovely young woman appeared in my sketch book.

Up Yonder
"Up Yonder" - Acrylic on Canvas

If found this yellow gate on Harbor Island during a day when visiting my Bahamian family. The color was so amazing, I had to paint it. 

"Amaryllis" - Watercolor

I experimented with this one, using watercolor pencils and ink. This is a technique I’ll probably use again.


I got some great shots on a trip to visit friends in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Locks on Bridge
"Locks on Bridge"

It is a custom for lovers to put a padlock on the bridge and then throw the key into the river below. I found it immensely romantic.

"Stanley and George"

These two are sitting outside a shop that sells variations of these adorable art sculptures.  I’ve named them Stanley and George.  Stanley seems full of enthusiasm and big ideas, but George seems less than enthusiastic. I’m certain he’s heard Stanley’s ill-fated ideas a thousand times.

Abandoned Stable
"Abandoned Stable"

I don’t remember exactly where this was in Lithuania, but the ruins were amazing. There was also an abandoned palace nearby. I had all kinds of stories swirling in my head about the people who lived there. 

Forgotten Boat
"Forgotten Boat"

This boat was near the abandoned palace and stable. This area fascinated me the most because there just seemed to be something tragically romantic about it. 

Pink cathedral
"Pink Cathedral"

Okay… so this wasn’t actually a cathedral, but the architecture was AMAZING! There were so many beautiful churches in Vilnius. Of course, since pink is my favorite color, this one a favorite.

Cobbled Alley
"Cobbled Alley"

This street was our friend Howard’s favorite street to photograph. I can see why. It has a very European look about it.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but I find that I tend to leave people out of my photographs. But their presence is always visible.

Coffee with Old Friends
"Coffee with Old Friends"

Ahhh… an exception. This outdoor cafe was so charming.  I loved how the people  seemed to be old friends visiting over coffee or lunch. 

Outdoor Cafe
"Outdoor Cafe"

It was a little chilly, otherwise, we would have had lunch at this little cafe. I just love the romanticism of outdoor European cafes.  This photo is displayed in my own home. 

Bike Rider in my shot
"Bike Rider in My Shot"

I was taking another picture of a small outdoor cafe, and just as I took the shot, this bike rider rode in front of me. When I looked at the shot later, I actually liked the way it turned out. 

Harbor Pilings in Michigan
"Harbor Pilings"

Here’s one closer to home not far from Petoskey in Harbor Springs.