Bathroom reveal!


Finally!  Yes! I have pictures to share!  We’ve finished the bathroom, except for one little bit of molding that I’ve asked Jim to add to the sink cabinet.  Who knows when that will be, though, as it’s nothing anyone but I will ever notice.

Here it is!  I’m so excited to finally show it to all of you!  I hope you think it’s as wonderful of a transformation as I do!!!

Small Moments: Bathroom Reveal
Bathroom After:  Bright, cheerful and elegant
As you can see, we put open shelves over the toilet.  It really seems to open up the room, which is one thing we really need.  Jim did a fantastic job of making the shelves. He made them with high-quality plywood and put a piece of molding around the edges so give them a finished, professional look. The brackets are just standard wood brackets that we bought at Lowe’s.  Surprisingly, we didn’t lose any storage by having the open shelves, and I don’t think it looks as cluttered as it used to look.


Small Moments: Bathroom Reveal
Bathroom After:  An applique and feet were added to the old oak cabinet before I painted it.

I already showed off our cabinet, but I thought I’d give you a little view of how it looks next to the toilet. Yes, I have a cover on the toilet lid, and I know that’s not very design forward or trending… However, our bathroom is so small that there isn’t room to put a nice chair in the room, so I do sit here to put on my nail polish, and a covered lid is a little nicer to sit on.

Small Moments: Bathroom Reveal
We kept the old sink, but the cabinet got a facelift.

This one shows a bit of the little cabinet I bought to hold the extra rolls of toilet paper. We used to have a large basket sitting on the floor between the toilet and the cabinet, which took up a lot of room and didn’t keep the toilet paper clean. This little cabinet, that I bought at Walmart, has worked perfectly. It has space for four extra rolls and a box of tissues. We decided to put a decorative jar on the top of it to cover the hole in the top for the tissue and instead store another roll of paper there. We really like it, because it gives the illusion that there is more space in the room.

Small Moments: Bathroom Reveal
Jim made the doors for the medicine cabinet. We wanted one large door,
but that was too heavy. So instead he did one large and one small.

Here is the wonderful medicine cabinet that Jim made doors for.  In another post, I give you a better look at it the details he put into it. He’s so proud of the doors, and I have to say, he has every right to be proud, because he did a fantastic job with them. Not bad at all for a cabinet that used to hang over the toilet!

In case you’re wondering, the little white hook on the wall to the left of the medicine cabinet is where I hang my jewelry when I have to take it off…that way I don’t lose anything. It was originally planned to be used for my wedding rings, but my rings wouldn’t fit on it.

Small Moments: Bathroom Reveal
Hooks for our robes.

Here’s the opposite side of the room.  You can see how nice the wainscot turned out here. We put up two nice robe hooks, which are working out wonderfully. We used to have a mirror with robe hooks attached to it on the back of the door. Eventually, we’ll replace the full-length mirror, but I haven’t found one I like yet…

We also put a shelf above the door. I had the three baskets that I put up there. We thought putting the shelf up there would close in the room, but people don’t even notice the shelf. I have added a tremendous amount of storage though, and that’s something we desperately needed.

Small Moments: Bathroom Reveal
Double towel bars… We don’t really use the decorative towels.

I stood on the cabinet to take this picture–probably not the best idea, but it is so hard to take pictures that really show anything in a bathroom that’s only five feet wide.  Here are the towel bars I bought a couple years ago. They’re finally up, and they look perfect.

My mom and I went shopping yesterday, and I bought all new towels. Amazingly, I found those little fingertip towels that coordinate perfectly without shower curtain, and Jim was very enthusiastic about how they looked.  They look so much better than the dark brown ones we had, and they especially look better than the pinky-beige ones. These are a true ivory color and blend nicely with the paint color. They’re not an exact match, but they don’t clash at all like the old ones did.

So… Just to quickly refresh your memory of what it looked like before…

Small Moments: Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before:  Dark and dreary. The only thing I liked was the shower curtain.

See how dark it is.  By the way, the cabinet above the toilet in this picture is the cabinet that became our medicine cabinet.

Small Moments: Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before:  Cluttered and closed in.

Dark and cluttered…no place to put anything so it looked clean an organized.

Small Moments: Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before:  Bad paint job and ugly lights.

Here’s the old vanity light… At one point I tried to update the medicine cabinet and the light fixture by painting them an oil rubbed bronze color. This is one case where paint does not help something that is ugly and dated.

Small Moments: Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before:  Painting the medicine cabinet and light did not help.

Okay… I don’t want to leave you with ugliness!  So here it is all beautiful one more time!!!

Small Moments: Bathroom Reveal
Ahhhh….  So much better!

I like this picture because the mirror reflects the pretty things that are on the opposite wall.  Do you realize the only thing that didn’t change is the shower curtain?

With the fresh paint color, the white beadboard wainscot, the open shelves, the painted cabinet maid to look like a piece of furniture, the larger medicine cabinet, new towels, new rugs, and additional storage, this room feels so new and so much bigger and brighter than it did before. It’s a pleasure to get ready for the day in here now.

Well, what do you think?  Better?

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