Shiny new things for the bathroom…

Shiny new things for the bathroom

When you get a shiny faucet for the kitchen...

Last year, we had a problem with our kitchen faucet. It kept leaking, and we decided to replace it even though it was still under warranty. Which prompted me to change the finish from oil rubbed bronze to a shiny stainless steel finish. I had been thinking about it for a while and the leaky faucet was just a good excuse. And it turned out great. We love our new faucet.  Plus, by changing to a higher quality single handle faucet. we were able to put in a hot water dispenser, and oh I’m so glad we did! Again… LOVE!! 

Shiny new kitchen faucet
Loving the shiny new kitchen faucet and hot water dispenser.

Then you'll want a shiny faucet in the bathroom...

But here’s the thing… Ever since we replace the old oil rubbed bronze faucet in the kitchen with the shiny stainless steel one that I love, I’ve wanted to replace the one in the bathroom. The problem is, the oil rubbed bronze faucet in the bathroom doesn’t leak, and it isn’t that old. So there’s really no reason to change it except that I don’t like it. The kitchen one feels so clean and fresh. It sparkles. It feels brighter. But the bathroom one feels heavy and dark. It sucks all the light out of the room, which isn’t good, since we have a very small bathroom.

Our current bathroom faucet.
See how it doesn't add any sparkle to the room?

Why I chose oil rubbed bronze in the first place...

You might be wondering why I went with oil rubbed bronze in the first place. Oh, if I could just go back in time, I’d do it differently…

When we bought our home eight years ago, I wanted a subtly French farmhouse style. Nothing over the top, just enough to hint at that style. The oiled rubbed bronze fixtures I selected then tied in with the refined rustic vibe I was going for. It worked then. 

But now… Now that I know the truth about oil rubbed bronze… The ORB just isn’t cutting it anymore.

And do you know the biggest reasons why it isn’t cutting it anymore? Because ORB faucets only look good if they are never used–if water never gets near them. Especially, ORB in the bathroom. It shows every little spot from splashing water, soap, toothpaste. You name it, it shows. Not to mention the calcium or limescale. Seriously, I wipe all our faucets clean every morning, and by afternoon, the one in the bathroom looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in months. It’s frustrating. I hate it.   

Okay… Mini rant over. Deep breath… Back to the shiny stuff!

Upgrading the bathroom...

So, I guess this is just my long-winded way of telling you I’m getting a new shiny, stainless steel faucet for our bathroom. The new faucet has been ordered and should be here soon. And since the faucet is getting an upgrade, I’m also gearing up to upgrade some all the cabinet hardware in the bathroom too. I’ve already ordered some samples, and I’m just waiting for it to all get here before I make the final decision. 

I’m so excited, I can hardly wait for everything I ordered to get here! It’s going to look soooo pretty!!!!

Shiny stuff mood board...

I knew I couldn’t talk about all the new stuff without sharing my mood board for the bathroom. A couple of things on it have changed since I created it. I just didn’t like one of the bin pull or the knob as well as I thought I would once I saw them in person. But I absolutely loved the rose bin pull! It’s a little darker than I actually wanted, but I just couldn’t send it back. It was too pretty. And since it won’t be right next to the faucet, I’m certain it will be fine. 

Bathroom Mood Board
My mood board for all the bathroom hardware.

Fortunately, I don’t have to make a lot of changes in the bathroom to make it pretty. This isn’t a major upgrade, so all the hard surfaces are staying.  As far as paint goes, I’m happy with the current color scheme. I’ll most likely just have to do a few inevitable touch-ups to the paint, especially on the cabinets. 

The bathroom countertop is granite, but it doesn’t bother me. Yes, I know everyone is ripping granite out now. But the base color and undertones go with all the other colors in the bathroom. I’m already taking out a perfectly good faucet, so no need to go nuts and replace a perfectly good countertop. Plus, I already know that changing the faucet is going to change how the countertop looks. 

The bathroom plan for now...

So here’s what’s happening. All the oil rubbed bronze accessories and hardware, including the faucet, the toilet lever and toilet seat are going away and being replaced with shiny new ones. Some new accessories will be added, like a new hand towel bar and fantastic clock I found at Goodwill. Just some little things. 

Later, we’ll replace the medicine cabinet, which is the mirror above the sink, and the light fixture. Then sometime after Jim has retired, we’ll update the tub and shower faucet. Those will be bigger jobs, and since we only have one bathroom, they’ll have to wait until we can have parts of the bathroom out of commission for a time.

That’s it! I can picture it all in my mind, and I can’t wait to share the before and after pictures with you!  

Oh! and just because they were so darned cute when they were kittens, here’s a picture of our cats, Sophie and Bella, helping out the last time we renovated the bathroom. 

Sophie and Bella helping with the bathroom reno.
Sophie and Bella helping with the bathroom reno.

Share your thoughts...

Well, that’s everything for now. What do you think?  Do you prefer all the faucets in a house be the same color and finish? Or do you think it’s okay to have different finishes in different rooms? Would you use different ones depending on what floor it was on? Tell me in the comments. There’s no right or wrong answer. I just want to hear different takes on it.  Comment below!! 


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