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Color ideas

The work on the kitchen has come to a stand-still. I’m not altogether sure why, except Jim and I have both had colds, and I did decide I needed to finish refinishing his mom’s table.  That project, by the way, should be finished tomorrow and I will have some before and after pictures for you.

Current paint colors in the kitchen
Current color of the kitchen.
I’m going to miss my Italian saying when we remove that wood valance…

Anyway… Since the work in the kitchen isn’t happening right now, I’ve been thinking about colors. Jim isn’t thrilled, but I have decided to repaint the kitchen. We painted it almost four years ago, and although I still like the color, it just isn’t quite the right color now that I’ve repainted the living room. The color I’ve chosen is very similar to the current color, but it has a bit less blue in the green.

I am so eager to get moving on our kitchen. I have all these ideas floating around in my head, on Pinterest, saved to my hard drive, and clipped from magazines–I’m almost ready to explode!! You know how it is once you get an idea and you can see the image of it so clearly in your head that you want to see it in real life. It’s impossible to stop thinking about it and work on other things–at least it is for me!

One of my ideas is painting the insides of my cabinets and drawers. Back in January, I did a post about color inspirations and included the above picture. That idea has stuck in my mind for our kitchen.  So, I’ve decided to go for it. I think it will be a happy surprise whenever anyone opens them. The only difference is, I think I’m going to paint them yellow. I’ve been wanting to add yellow to our decor for a while, but for some reason, Jim never seems to like the idea when I bring it up.

Here are the colors that are my leading choices right now. Although, since I scanned these, I’ve found a couple of different wall colors that I might go with instead of the Metro Mist for the walls–still very similar though. But who knows.

Kitchen Paint Colors
Paint colors

These are the two art prints that I get all the inspiration for my colors from. See how beautiful the colors are in these two prints?  I bought them several years ago, because I fell completely in love with them, and I still love them today. I imagine that they will always be incorporated into my decor no matter where we live.

Fabrice De Villeneuve Prints

They can be seen from the living room and from the kitchen, so they serve as a major source of inspiration. But there are so many colors in them, even though the seem very muted that there is almost no limit to the colors they look good with. You might not be able to tell on your monitor, but the colors I’ve chosen are all somewhere in these two prints.

View from the kitchen into the living room shows the two prints.

So now you understand where I’m getting my colors from. Everything from the kitchen to the living room is going to flow color-wise. (Of course, the flooring still needs to be addressed, the carpet and the linoleum need to go! But that’s another project.)

Now if I could just convince Jim to start working on the kitchen–getting the dishwasher installed, installing the new cabinets and countertops… sigh… It’s all going to look so lovely when it’s finished.

Do you like the colors I’ve chosen?  What do you think about painting the insides of the cabinets and drawers?

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