Exciting news for my Art!

Larger Print Sizes

I finally bought a wide-format printer.  Now, as soon as I have all the supplies I need for printing and shipping, I will be able to start making prints as large as 13″x19″.  My current prints will not be offered at that size, because they were created for a maximum size of 8″x10″, so that means I get to create a lot of new art!  And I’m so excited by this!!!

Here is one of the prints that I have created so far.  I have to decide whether I want this print to be a limited edition, or if I want it to be open stock.  I’m kind of leaning towards limited edition.

Seashells and grass art print All rights reserved
“Seashells and Grass”
©2014 Loribeth Clark

Do you like it?  What do you think?  Limited Edition or Open Stock?   Give me your opinions!!!

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