Farmers’ Market II, Watercolor Painting

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Watercolor painting, Farmers' Market
Farmers’ Market II, Watercolor Painting by Loribeth Clark

In the summer, Jim and I love to go to the Farmer’s Market.  We’ll buy fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.  Sometimes we’ll even buy smoked fish or even baked goods. There’s just something wonderful about going to the market to get really fresh ingredients, they just make everything taste better.

One of the things I really love about the Farmer’s Market, though, is the colors. Everything is just bursting with color, and the vendors know how to display their wares so they look gorgeously tempting.  I almost always take my camera with me, because everything always looks so beautiful. 

That was the case with the picture that inspired this watercolor. When I saw the colors of the carrots, beats, and onions at our local market, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture…even the hand written signs appealed to me. Sometimes, as in this case, the watercolor is based on one picture, but other times, my painting might be a combination of several pictures.  This time, though, the picture was so strong on it’s own, it didn’t need any elements from anywhere else.

This one was a little frustrating to paint. The colors kept wanting to blend into each other. 
I had to keep reminding myself that great art requires some angst, and there was plenty of that at times. I almost gave up on it. But eventually, I got the look I wanted. 

What do you think?  Was it worth the frustration I felt?

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