Happy New Year! Welcome 2014! Big plans!

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Happy New Year in Paris!
Celebrating the New Year with hats on sticks.
Not sure why, but, hey… Why not?!

Happy New Year!!!  Is anyone else surprised by how quickly 2013 went by?  I’m astounded! So many things happened last year… I started my selling my art online.  Jim started a new temporary job. We celebrated my Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary. My ex-husband died. I reconnected with my Bahamian family. Jim was hired in permanently where he works. We did some major renovations to the kitchen. So many things!

Yes, 2013 was eventful. But, I am really looking forward to less eventful 2014. Although, I imagine it will go by just as fast as the last one.  Isn’t it funny how that seems to happen when you get older.  I don’t remember the years going by this fast when I was a kid.

Anyway, do have some big plans for this year. Although, I am not making any resolutions. I gave up making them years ago.  In fact, making a resolution not to make resolutions has been the only one I’ve been able to keep!! I read somewhere that only 18% of the New Year’s resolutions made are kept–not a very good percentage.

So, onto my plans! Business-wise, I’m planning to start offering interior design services. It is something I’ve been doing for family and friends for years, and something I love doing. So I consider it a great compliment that you are also asking me for interior design services. I haven’t worked out all the details of what I’m going to offer, but I am working on it, and you’ll be the first to know when I’m ready to launch those services.

Recent Watercolor Painting
Watercolor I painted for my mom, and given to her for Christmas.

On the home front, there are several projects I want to tackle this year. The most import one–at least for me–is getting our home office organized and set up for actually doing business out of it. Right now, I do all of my work on our coffee table in the living room. I never feel as though I can step away from it, so having a separate space for living and work, even in the same house, will take a lot of stress off me.

Then, there is the mud room slash laundry room slash utility room that needs to be re-organized and made more efficient. I know Jim would kind of like me to make that one the highest priority. But that one is going to require some building of shelves and some other things. The office isn’t going to require any of that, plus making the office an actual working office will allow me to step away from work once in a while. (Can you tell the office is a big one for me?)

And… As you know, I still have big plans for our kitchen. We still have a dishwasher to install and a new cherry countertop. That project will depend on our finances, as it will involve plumbing and some other mechanical and electrical things. It will also involve doing the floors. And doing the floors, means getting rid of the carpet in the living room too!

I don’t know how many of those projects will get done.  But this is only the first day of the year, so I still have 364 days to go!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year!  Here’s to the best year yet!!!

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