How French doors will look in my sitting room

I have wanted to put French doors in our sitting room even before we ever closed on our house, and my husband has always said it would be nice. But I know unless he sees it, he won’t get excited about the idea.

Not everyone is able to imagine how a design will look when it’s finished. Some people need to “see” before they commit to a change. That’s why Joanna Gaines and the Property Brothers always do computer generated design renderings, so their clients can “see” the after before they even start. It helps get their clients excited about the design project.

How it looks now
How our sitting room looks now.

I have always been able to imagine how things will look–most designers can. But, unless it comes to you naturally, or you learn how to “see” it in your mind’s eye, no matter how much someone explains how it looks, you won’t “see” it. That’s why design renderings are your friends. They help you see how it’s going to look.

My husband is one of those people who has to “see” what I’m talking about when I tell him what I want to do in our house. Once he sees it or once I draw up a plan, he can make it happen, and make it look exactly how I envisioned it. That’s part of what makes us such a good team. I come up with the concept, and he makes it happen.

With white doors
How it would look with white French doors.

That’s why today I decided to play with Photoshop. I wanted a picture of how our sitting room will look with French doors. I tried it with both white doors and black doors. Of course, I selected black doors, because all the doors in our house are black. LOVE all our black doors!

Dreaming of black doors
Love how it looks with the black doors look! errr…will look.

Doing this is something in the somewhat distant future because it will not be an inexpensive change. Building codes will require that we build a deck on the back of the house. That means more planning before it can happen, but I really cannot wait! I know it is going to completely change the feeling of our sitting room, and having the deck (or sun porch) will only make it better.

Since I always try to leave you with a side-by-side of the before and after, simply because I think they make it easier to see the changes, here’s one that shows how different it will look.  I chose the black door option for the after, because, well, you know I love black doors!

Now and future
How our sitting room current looks, and my concept for the sitting room with French doors.

If you are interested in seeing how something you’ve been thinking about would look in your room, I’d be happy to do a rendering or Photoshop for you to help you “see” it.  Write to me using my Contact page, and I can tell you how it works.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below!  Feel free to tell me if you like the white doors better. You won’t hurt my feelings!!

 Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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Loribeth Clark
6 years ago

Thanks! I love black doors.

Irene Ndegwa
6 years ago

I love the black door…looks great

Loribeth Clark
6 years ago

Thanks, Chris! I can't wait until we can actually install them. The more I look at the picture with them, the more I want them!!

Chris Middlecamp
6 years ago

I love the french doors.