I ordered my green sofa… Now what????

New Sofa

I’m so excited!  I ordered my beautiful sofa in Corey Herb fabric, and it will be here in three to five weeks. Now I’m unsure about decorating with a green sofa.  I’ve done some searching online, but there’s not a lot of advice specifically for decorating with a green sofa.

I’m not sure why I’m unsure about this. In the past, I’ve had a sofa that was blue, I’ve had a sofa that was floral with lots of muted colors, and for the past three years, I’ve had a black leather sofa. Why am I suddenly nervous about having a green sofa that is actually a neutral color?

Here’s a picture of the fabric, although this looks a little more olive colored than the actual sample looked. I think it is going to be very easy to coordinate other colors with, because it is a neutral. I am concerned about cleaning it though, as it specifies that it shouldn’t be cleaned with water. It’s a microfiber, which my research says is good to use with pets.

Anyway, back to my decorating dilemma. I think I know what my problem is. I’ve been working with dark colors for three years now, and my original plans for the living room were based on dark furniture. Now, all the sudden, all the furniture we’re getting is light colored, but nothing else except the furniture is changing.

Jim has already said no the repainting the walls. And I can understand that. They were only painted three years ago, and he likes the TV against the dark color. But something needs to be done to make the light furniture look right in the living room… I was a little worried about the wall color, but I have pillows that are going to tie the color of the walls, the color of Jim’s new recliner and the color of the sofa all together.

I think I will need to change the artwork above the sofa… This is what’s there now. It looks great with the black sofa, but I think the pictures are going to be too dark once the green sofa is in place. The black frames are okay, because I have other pictures in the room with black frames.

I’m thinking maybe a group of pictures something like the one above. What do you think? I got the picture in the center off GraphicsFairy.com.  If I got some scrapbook paper for the background that pulled had a texture like the background in this picture with the black frames, I think it might look really good.

Well… In any event, I have three to five weeks to figure it out.  Any ideas would be so appreciated!!!

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