I’m back! Can’t believe it’s been so long!

Happier days ahead

Let me start by apologizing for my long absence. It’s been a life-changing year and half. But I’m finally feeling better, and I’m ready to engage again.

Daddy and Me
My dad holding me when I was baby.

For those of you who don’t know, my dad died in September 2019. It’s a huge change for me. I relied on him for much more than I realized. And I’ve just been sad. Plus, I’ve been helping my mom adjust to being alone and helping her sell her house. Fifty-plus years of memories and stuff. It hasn’t been easy. But it’s getting better.

Mom and Me
Helping Mom and getting closer than ever.

We won’t even go into how COVID-19 made everything harder. We all know, so let’s just acknowledge it’s a struggle and it’s affecting all of us. I know I’m not alone in this. I don’t think any of us haven’t experienced some kind of loss because of it. Let’s just pray that things get better in that regard.

So… Now that I’m back, I guess I should let you know about some changes I’ve made.

I started doing Yoga. Wow! I never realized that I would enjoy it so much. It has helped not only with my physical health, but it has also helped with my emotional health. Something I REALLY need now that my dad is gone. It’s really helped me cope and find my center. Definitely, a good thing that I’m going to continue doing.

Happier days ahead
After a tough year, life is getting better.

The other thing that is going on is I scaled back on my interior design jobs, and I’m really focusing more on my art. I’m really enjoying the creative process, and I’ve listed a lot of new pieces in my Etsy shop. Luckily, art and interior decor go hand in hand, because I still love interior design. And, don’t worry, I’ll still be posting about decorating ideas.

Well, that’s just a quick update. I’ll be posting more. It’s good to be home.

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