I’m in Lithuania!

Vilnius landscape

I’m in Lithuania for two weeks! We’ve been planning this trip for a few months, and we finally arrived in Vilnius on May first.  It took nearly 24 hours straight of travel to get here, but it’s been so worth the jet lag.

Our first night, we spent relaxing with our friends Karla and Howard. They had dinner waiting for us, and after we ate, we took a nice walk around their neighborhood. They made sure we stayed awake until after 8 pm to help us adjust to the time change. It actually wasn’t as hard to adjust as I thought it would be.

Our friends
Our friends Karla and Howard

After a good night’s sleep, and a delicious breakfast and lunch, the four of us took off to explore the city starting with the Cathedral of Vilnius.

Cathedral of Vilnius
The exterior of the Cathedral of Vilnius

During the Soviet regime, Mass wasn’t celebrated in this Roman Catholic Cathedral, because it was used as a warehouse. In 1988 they started celebrating mass in the building again, but it was called the “Gallery of Images” for eleven more years before it’s status as a Cathedral was restored.

Interior of the Cathedral
Cathedral of Vilnius


The Organ
The organ in the Cathedral
The Alter
The alter in the Cathedral


One of many carvings.


Side Chapel
One of the side chapels


The frescoes in the dome of the chapel.

There’s an elephant in this last picture.  Can you find it?

Most posts to come soon!

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