Learning how to use my new camera

I’ve always used my phone to take the pictures on this blog, and now I’ve invested in a DSLR camera. Let me say right off the bat that there is a definite learning curve. However, the results are going to be so worth it. Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken since buying my camera.

Jasper Close Up
Jasper – Such a handsome boy!

I didn’t just take a picture of Jasper and stop there. I have a few more to share.

Fall Colors
Fall Colors at my friend Karla’s house.


Maple Leaves
Maple Leaves


Floating Leaf
Floating Leaf


Front to back of house
Front to back of house


Tia – Couldn’t leave her out when I gave Jasper the headline!



Not too bad for not knowing what I’m doing.  Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you want to see the pictures I post daily. You’ll get a first-hand look at my progress.

Any tips are welcome!!!

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