Meet Laci! Our family is growing!

Meet Laci, one of the new members of our family.

The little dog who captured our hearts...

Meet our new family member!  Her name is Laci, and she weighed a whopping 3.4 pounds when we brought her home in December 2021!    

We knew immediately that we would be bringing her home. We kept telling everyone that we were just going to meet her, and then we’d decide. But the truth is, we had really already decided. She captured our hearts the minute we saw her picture and her breeder asked if we wanted her.

Laci when we brought her home
This is how Laci looked when we brought her home. She was a tiny little thing.

She's changed a lot...

When we brought her home, she was just a little fuzzball who didn’t feel like she weighed anything. She only weighed 3.5 pounds!! Now we’ve had her for over a year and she weighs a whopping 5.2 pounds! Her colors have also changed, which is part of the “puppy uglies.”

What? You've never heard of the "Puppy Uglies"????

Well, let me tell you about them. It’s something that all Pomeranian puppies go through. It’s the stage where they lose their soft puppy fur and their beautiful adult fur starts to come in. They can look rather funny with their little monkey faces. Laci’s monkey face was particularly adorable. But let’s make one thing clear… Even though she has gone through the “puppy uglies,” she was NEVER ugly!!! 

Laci's Monkey Face
Laci's "Monkey Face" during her "puppy uglies."

This is how she looked with her “monkey face.” I think she looked adorable. I even started calling her “monkey” as a nickname. Jim wasn’t thrilled about that nickname but look at her! She looks like a little monkey!!

She didn’t look like this for very long. And I must admit, I kind of miss her little monkey face. She was just so cute. 

Now Laci has become a beauty...

Her “monkey face” only lasted until a little after Christmas. Speaking of which, Christmas was a lot of fun with a new puppy and two almost 5 year old cats! Let’s just say, we didn’t put up a big Christmas tree because of the three of them. Laci was more interested in being friends than Sophie and Bella were.  She’s managed to win over Bella, but Sophie still isn’t convinced even if she does seem to be coming around. 

Anyway, Laci has become a beauty. Her full adult coat has come in, and she’s a beautiful cream sable. We weren’t sure for a while what color she was going to be. All we knew for sure was she wasn’t going to be orange. 

Laci and Bella
Laci and Bella hanging out together.

She fits right in.... kind of....

Anyway, as Laci changed and matured, we just fell more and more in love with her.  Our cats, however, were not as enamored with her. They weren’t sure about her.  It took five months, but she managed to win over Bella. They played together and chased each other around the house. I know Bella likes her, otherwise she wouldn’t let Laci catch her!!! 

Sophie has been a tougher cookie to crack, but she’ll come around eventually.  Sophie has always been more cautious than Bella when it comes to change, so it’s just going to take a bit more time. Well, maybe a lot more time, since there has been another change. 

Laci all grown up
Laci is all grown up now. She a real beauty now.

And we still aren't done...

Laci is all grown up now, AND we’ve added another one to the family. Sophie and Bella aren’t thrilled, but we are! We got Winston last October. They say two are better than one! I’ll tell you all about him in my next post. 

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