Meet Winston! Dancing is his thing…

Winston sitting in my office.

Our newest family member...

His name is Winston, and he’s brought so much joy into our lives. Not to mention giving Laci a playmate. The two of them are quite the characters and quite inseparable now. You rarely find one without the other!

Not quite ready for another dog…

Getting two Poms had always been in the plan after our first Pom, Tia, went to the Rainbow Bridge. But truthfully, once we got Laci, we thought we’d wait until Jim retired. Then we’d get boy Pom and name him Winston. 

Then Linda (Laci’s breeder) posted “Clint’s” picture on her private Facebook page saying she was looking for a companion home for him. We already knew “Clint.” We had met him and Laci when they were both puppies. I think Jim and I both knew he was our Winston.

"Clint," "Billy" and "Laci"
Winston (left) and Laci (right) as puppies before Laci came home with us. Winston's brother "Billy" is in the middle.

A little back story...

I remember the day we met them both… They couldn’t be more different. Laci was all personality (still is). She was such a busy puppy and had to be in the center of everything. She wiggled like crazy when we held her because she was sure she was missing something! A regular social butterfly. “Clint,” on the other hand, was calm and as happy as a clam to be held the whole time.

I fell in love with them both at first sight, although “Clint” had to be a secret love. They had very different lives ahead of them. “Clint” was bound for the show ring, and Laci was coming home with us when she was old enough. Of course, I’ve already told you about Laci in this post

Winston wins!
Winston (aka Clint) at one of the shows he competed in.

Then came Clint (soon to be Winston)…

“Clint” had done a few shows, and he did really well. The problem was he just wasn’t suited for the show ring. Linda has bred and shown dogs for more than 20 years, and she could tell that it just wasn’t right for him. He was going to be happier in a companion home, and that’s why she was looking for one for him in September.

Jim immediately tagged me on her post, and I think Linda was crossing her fingers that Jim tagging me meant we wanted him. Jim and I talked about it, and we both kept saying it was too soon. We weren’t ready. I even called Linda and asked her why she couldn’t have waited until Spring!

What if someone else got "our" dog...

Jim and I kept going back and forth. Then we asked each other how we would feel if someone else got “our” dog. Would we regret not getting him? The answer was a resounding YES. So, I called Linda and said, “He’s our dog.” We just needed to set up a fenced-in area so I could handle letting two dogs out to potty and play. We never had a fenced in area for Laci. I just always put her lead on her to take her out, but that wasn’t going to work easily with two dogs.

He knows his name...

Winston quickly adapted to his new name and came running from wherever he was whenever I called him by it. It didn’t take long at all. Within hours, he knew that I meant him whenever I said Winston.

Winston achieves Canine Good Citizen status
We immediately enrolled Winston in obedience classes, and he quickly earned his Canine Good Citizen designation.

Learning to fit in...

He was on his best behavior because I think he wasn’t sure how long he was going to be with us. He followed me or Laci everywhere. When he wanted to be picked up, he danced. When he wanted to eat, he danced. When he didn’t know what to do, he danced. Linda had said she’d miss his dancing, but I had no idea how cute it was or how long he could do it!

He is such a little sweetheart, very loving and cuddly. Laci is a sweetheart and very loving too, but she’s still very busy and not a cuddler unless it’s her idea. Where Laci barks and runs around, Winston is silent and dances. Laci is an extrovert, and Winston is an introvert. Still, they’re best friends, and like I said earlier, where you find one, you’re sure to find the other close by.

Also, Sophie and Bella are starting to warm up to him slowly… VERY slowly.

Winston helping me on the computer.

He’s our Winston…

Winston has changed everything. I fell in love with him the first time I met him when he was “Clint.” Looking back, there was a part of me that was hoping he would end up being our dog even then. I think he was always meant to be our Winston.

Jim and I are over the moon. Winston completed our family. Laci adds the Sass… and Winston adds the dance! 

Laci and Winston have their own Facebook page and they’d love it if you followed them at Laci & Winston. You can keep up with all their antics! And… You can see a video of Winston dancing!! 

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1 year ago

Just love this tribute. So glad you decided to get “Winston” and “Laci”