My first video! Come visit my kitchen.

French Farmhouse Kitchen

Can you believe it? My first video! I mean, so many people kept telling me I should be doing videos, but honestly, I never really thought I’d actually do one. After all, I’m an artist and a designer. I’m not an actress or celebrity! But here I am, inviting you into my kitchen and showing you around. It seemed like the best place to start, because that’s where friends always hang out–in the kitchen. Right?

I know I’ve shared a lot of pictures of my kitchen, but it really is hard to get a good feel for what it really looks like when you see bits and pieces of it. Large kitchens are easier to get a feel for in photos because the photographer can back up and get a wide angle view. You can’t do that with small, narrow kitchens like mine, because there just isn’t room to back up and get a full picture.  

Here it is! My first video!
Play Video

So that’s the video. I hope you enjoyed visiting my kitchen. Let me know what you think. Should I get out show business and let this be my one and only video, or are there other videos you think I should make?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Kate Marino
Kate Marino
2 years ago

The video turned out nice! I love your kitchen. 🙂