New sofa! It’s here!!!

New Sofa

I’m so excited!  We got our new sofa today, and I love it! It looks just like I imagined it would look in our living room.

It’s actually the same size as our old black leather couch, but this one has exposed legs that let you see the floor underneath it, and it doesn’t have the large arms. It just makes our living room feel so much larger, and it’s so much brighter. (I have to get new batteries for my camera, so the picture isn’t as clear as I’d like, but I can’t change the settings without it turning off!)

New sofa

Isn’t it beautiful??? We paid extra for the fabric protection, and we were surprised to find out it was still wet from it when we got it home. There are still a few damp spots, but it’s drying out.

Do you remember our old couch? Here’s a picture of it.

Old couch.

See how dark and heavy everything looked?  See how large the arms were. Tia’s going to miss those arms, because she’d always lay on one of them to look out the window. No room for that on the new sofa! Looking at this picture, I’m feeling a little sentimental. I fell asleep on that couch the first time Jim ever brought me home to his house. The old  couch was super comfortable for naps.

Did you notice that the artwork changed? The dark pictures worked really well with the old sofa, but they would have been too dark for the new one. So this past week I worked on changing them. When Mom and I went to the fabric store, I found this beautiful green fabric in the clearance rack, and I got the idea to use fabric in the old picture frames.

Artwork for the living room

I’m really please with how the picture above turned out with the fabric behind them. I had taken some pictures of how I put them together, but as I mentioned, my camera needs new batteries and I lost them. And, because they were kind of a pain to get lined up evenly in the frames, I’m not going to take them apart to retake the pictures!!! Sorry!

Here’s a closer look at the art…

Artwork all finished.

These weren’t easy to put together. The fabric kept fraying. The pictures wouldn’t stick to the flocked black paper. Everything kept twisting in the frames. They’re still not perfect, but I guess everything can’t be perfect.  I think what I really like about them is no one else has artwork just like them, and they look so nice with the new sofa.

Wider view of the room.

Everything looks so nice together.  I’m so happy with it!  There are a few more things I want to do. One of those things is repainting the living room, but I know Jim will not go for that for quite some time! So for now I’m just going to enjoy our new sofa!!!

So what do you think of everything?  Looks better don’t you think?

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