Oh Christmas Tree… O Christmas Tree…

Christmas Tree decor
This year’s Christmas tree…
Christmas Tree Looking up
A child’s view of our tree.

This year I added an actual topper to our tree. It’s a cute little red cardinal.  There are cardinals throughout the tree, but unless you’re looking for them you don’t really notice them.  Of course, our French horn has to be at the top. It’s one of those decorations that is special to us, so no matter what theme I do, the horn will always have a special place at the top of our tree.

Christmas tree... Sparkle
Dark red and gold…

It takes me a long time to decorate our tree. I have Christmas music loaded into the CD player, and I sing along with the oldies as I find the perfect place to put each ornament.  Actually, this year, I didn’t load up the CD player and I tried out Pandora or some similar online radio. I don’t remember which one.  Anyway, I didn’t like it.  Every so often, it would stop playing and ask me if I was still there because they didn’t want to be playing to an empty room.  It threw me off every time because I had to stop decorating to go click, yes, I’m still here.  So, next year, I’ll be using the CD player again.

Also next year, I have some huge ornaments that I’m going to add to the tree. I would add them this year, but I packed up my extra fancy hooks. So, I have something to look forward to next year. Which is good. It’s always good to have something to look forward to.

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