One year in our house! Lots of before and after pictures!

Remodeled living room

I cannot believe we’ve been in our house for one whole year!!  Where has the time gone?  I remember thinking in January that our house no longer felt “new.”  It just felt like our house and not our “new” house.  I don’t know exactly how or when that happens. Anyway, in honor of living here a whole year, I thought I share some before and after pictures.

Starting with the kitchen…

Before and After Kitchen
Before and after Kitchen with all new cabinets and floors

Yes, I know you’ve seen my kitchen, but I still love it! I would say the only thing I wish we could have done was a counter depth refrigerator.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the budget, especially since there’s nothing wrong with our current refrigerator.

Just another view of the kitchen…

Before and After Kitchen
Before and After Kitchen with no wallpaper.

I do love that china cabinet. I mentioned that it steals the show, and it really does. I can’t think of anyone who’s been in my kitchen who hasn’t mentioned it. It’s just super convenient, and even though the color was a “mistake,” I ended up loving it after it was all painted.

Then there is the breakfast nook…


Before and After Breakfast Nook
Before and After Breakfast Nook. Nice and cozy!

This is actually where we eat most of our meals. Don’t get me wrong, I love having an actual dining room, but when it’s just the two of us, this little nook just works so much better.  Plus, we have a great view from this spot.

Since I mentioned the dining room…

Before and After Dining Room
Before and After Dining Room.  No more Wall!

I cannot tell you what a difference taking that wall out made to the flow of our house. It changed the whole Chi. If you’re into Feng shui, you know exactly what I mean. It was seriously like the house was able to breathe once that wall was gone.

Onto the Living Room…

Before and After Living Room
Before and After Living Room.  Tia likes it.

Of course, the biggest change is the wall being gone in this room too.  Like I said, eliminating that wall change the whole flow of the house.

Another view of the Living Room…

Before and After Living Room
Before and After Living Room.  Improved flow without the wall.

See what a difference it made?  Before, we would have been looking right into the bathroom if we hadn’t opened up that wall and closed off that opening where the TV is now.

Now for the Sitting Room…

Before and After Sitting Room
Before and After Sitting Room.  Amazing what painting the paneling does.

Originally, we were calling this room the Family Room, but then Jim started calling the basement the Family Room, and we couldn’t have two! Hence it is now the sitting room.  Painting the paneling made a huge difference…

And finally our Bedroom…

Before and After Bedroom
Before and After Bedroom. New curtains and painted paneling updated this room.

We painted the paneling in here too. It really brightened this room up. Sometimes I wish the bedroom was a bit larger (okay a lot of the time), but we honestly don’t need a lot of room in here.  We have a huge closet, so it works.

What do you think?

Okay, so that’s my mini Before and After tour!  Let me know your reactions in the comments below!


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lois shedlowski
lois shedlowski
2 years ago

Bless you!! Going to get me a board and felt to make coasters tomorrow and be able to move that @#%^&* mixer for the first time in 60(+) years of marriage!! Think I will screw a drawer pull into the front edge of the board so I can just grab it and pull it out to make it even easier on my old (very old) arms!