Our pets are our children

Pet are children to us
Here is some cuteness overload pictures to fill in while I work on getting some great content on my blog.  It’s a little daunting going from a blog that had a ton of content to having to start over, but it will be worth it.  I promise!
We don’t have any human children. Our pets are our children.  This is what I tell people when they say pets aren’t kids:
Jasper sleeping
Jasper, our baby boy, sound asleep
My pets are my children. They rely on me for everything in their lives. I get up with them when they’re sick, and I take them to the doctor and nurse them back to health. I worry about their safety and their happiness. When they make a mess, I clean it up. I am constantly picking up their toys, because they still haven’t learned to pick up after themselves. They still haven’t learned to speak, so I have to guess what they need when they cry, and pray that I guess right.
Tia looking over her shoulder
Tia, our baby girl, looking over her shoulder.
My pets are my children. They forgive me when I make mistakes. They wait patiently when I go away, and they’re always happy when I return. They want to be close to me. Which means I cannot have privacy in the bathroom. And when I’m on the phone, that’s always the time when they need or want something. There is no such thing as private time with my husband (their dad), because they are always wherever we are when we’re home. And let’s not forget that we have to get a babysitter for them when we go on vacation, because they cannot stay home by themselves, and they never will be able to.
Jasper in a box
What is it about cats and boxes.  Jasper just loves them!

My pets are my children.  They will never outgrow the baby stage of life, and they will never buy me a Mother’s Day card. They will never grow up and become independent. They won’t ask to borrow the car. They won’t go to college, and get married or give me grandchildren. They’ll never have a chance to become President or even get a job. Instead, they will always rely on me to provide everything they need for the rest of their lives.

Tia fast asleep
Tia stretching while asleep.

My pets are my children. I celebrate their accomplishments, I laugh at their antics, and I worry about their well being. Like every other parent, I often find myself questioning whether I’m doing a good enough job taking care of them. But I know, that when I adopted them, that they became my responsibility and I cannot give up because it’s too hard. I chose to bring them into my life and my heart, they didn’t choose me.

Now, doesn’t this sound just like having children?

What about you?  Are your pets your children?  What things do you do that make you feel like a pet-mom or pet-dad?

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Loribeth Clark
9 years ago

Tia and Jasper bring so much joy to my life. I cannot imagine not having a pet in my life. Jim and I agree, that we'll always have FurBabies… What about you?