Painted all the doors black and they look so elegant

From the Livingroom
Well, they’re mostly finished. I still have to paint the closet doors in Jim’s office. I’m thrilled with how they all look, and I’m loving our bathroom barn door. So much better. Everything looks so much more elegant with a touch of black.

 The plan all along was to paint the doors. We talked about replacing them, but honestly, there’s nothing wrong with them. And now that I’ve painted them black and replaced all the doorknobs with glass ones, I actually like that they’re flat and not paneled. They look elegant, so the extra door detail really isn’t needed.
Before & After Doors
Before and after of the doors in the hallway. Love how clean the white trim looks with the black doors.
The side by side before and after really shows what a difference painting the doors black made. They go with the walnut floors much better than the original color did. I had thought about stripping and restaining them a darker color, but honestly, the wood grain on these doors wasn’t that pretty.

We installed a barn door on the bathroom, and we love it. Let me tell you, that was not an easy project. We were without a bathroom door for about a month because of some setbacks we had making and installing the door. It turned out beautifully in the end though, so no regrets at all.

Door knobs
A close up of the new handle on the barn door and one of the glass door knobs on the regular doors.

I want to show off the hardware I installed. They add just the right amount of sparkle with the black doors. I did a lot of searching and sourcing to find the perfect hardware, but I’m thrilled with the result. I absolutely love the handle I found for our bathroom door. It’s proof that a barn door doesn’t have to be rustic, and I love how it blends perfectly with the other glass knobs.

Brass hardware on the black door really makes a statement.
Learned the hard way that the latch is necessary. The kittens can push the door open otherwise.

On the inside of the bathroom door, I went with a solid brass handle and latch. The barn door makes accessing the built-in cabinet in the bathroom so much easier. Before I had to completely close the bathroom door to get into the cabinet, and when the door was open, you couldn’t see the built-in. Now the built-in cabinet is a feature that adds character even when the bathroom door is open.

Bedroom Door
Feels a bit like entering a beautiful bed and breakfast.

Here’s a peek at our bedroom with the newly painted black door. It makes me feel like I’m going to a beautiful B&B every time I walk through that door. It’s so romantic and makes me feel really special.

Front entrance door, back entrance door and closet door, all painted black.
Finally, I also painted the doors in our entries. There’s a super small closet in our back entryway, and I painted that door black also. I thought about leaving the original brass door knob, but decided to add a bit of bling there too. Eventually, I’d like to upgrade the hardware on the exterior door to be brass, but for now the hardware we installed when we moved in is working just fine.

For the most part all the doors are done. At least, the doors in the main living areas are done. I still have to paint the closet doors in Jim’s office, and I want to refinish the closet doors in our bedroom. But all of that can wait until after the holidays.

From the Livingroom
This is one of my favorite views of our dining room.
I love how you can see all the painted black doors with the pretty new glass hardware.
 I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with how all the painted black doors look. Some people suggested they would be too dark, but they aren’t. They really add a touch of elegance, just like a little black dress.
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