My new French Chic office in Parisian Pink!

My Pink French Chic Office

I’ve always loved French chic decor, and I’ve always loved pink, especially Parisian Pink! So it’s only natural that I’d decorate my office with a French chic vibe in my favorite pink color. I gotta tell you it truly feels like a brand new office. I can’t wait to show you!

Yes, pink is French chic…

I know, I know… Pink is not the typical French chic color, but who says French decor has to be all white and distressed? After all, it isn’t called “Parisian Pink” for nothing!!

How my office started out looking…

Anyway, before I get into showing you how it looks now, let’s take a quick look at how it used to look. Gray and white… Blah!!!! Great floors, though, and I love my antique desk that my husband got me for my birthday. But otherwise dull, dull, dull.

What my office used to look like
Just a reminder of how my office used to look.

Now onto the main event!!! Drum roll, please!!!

How my Parisian Pink office looks now…

Parisian Pink curtains, a pink and cream rug, and lots of art in gilded frames!

I’m sooooo happy with how it turned out. The Parisian pink curtains and the pink rug made the biggest difference. And, I changed some of the artwork using gilded frames. I kept the gray walls because they looked much warmer with the Parisian pink curtains than they did with the white. Eventually, I’ll paint the window trim, but that’s a project for the future sometime.

Another view of my Parisian Pink office
The fluff-ball in front of my desk is Laci, our Pomeranian.

Behind the closed curtains is the closet where I have my large-format printer. The curtains make it easier to access the printer than the closet doors did, so the doors are stored down in the basement. I picked up the lamp on my desk at a flea market several years ago and rewired it. I started rewiring vintage lamps about seven years ago and really enjoy doing it myself.

The fluff-ball in front of my desk is our new dog Laci. We got her back in December, and she’s my little velcro dog–she’s wherever I am. Such a sweetie, but she has a bit of a stubborn streak.

One last picture…

Here’s the view of my French chic office from our hallway. Every time I walk past it, I just want to go in and work!! Hmmmm…. Maybe I made a mistake after all! No excuses not to work! Nah… I love it!

The view of my French chic office from the hallway.
One last look from the hallway…

Now you know that French chic doesn’t have to be white and distressed. French chic is a style that can be achieved with any color. I just happened to choose Parisian pink! So what do you think?

Up next…

So that’s it for now. Next time I’ll show you some of the really cool furniture pieces I got for my office, and I’ll show you how I’m modifying the armoire in my office to make a creative space for my doing my art.

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