My plan to redecorate

Living Room Mood Board

It’s hard to believe we’ve been living in our “new” home for five years! FIVE YEARS!!!  How can that be? I mean, it seems like we just moved in! But I know it’s been longer than it seems, because I’ve been making a plan to redecorate.  Yep! Time for a change!

Green velvet tufted sofa couch
How the living room looks now. Well, kind of, the sofa has pillows and a throw.

So what’s the plan? Well, believe it or not, green and yellow are going to become accent colors rather than the main colors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT changing the sofa!! I love my green velvet sofa. And I’m not changing my yellow kitchen. I’m just going to introduce some new colors into the mix with new rugs and curtains, and possibly a fresh paint color. 

Living Room Mood Board
This is my mood board for the living room showing the rug I've already purchased.

Okay. So every plan to redecorate has to start somewhere. For me, it’s the rug. Look at that rug!!! I love the colors! The rug is my inspiration for everything. You can’t tell by the picture, but the green color in it almost matches the color of my sofa perfectly.  The blue in the rug will be the biggest change to the color scheme.  

Velvet Curtains
Photoshopped image of how the curtains will look.

Even though I’m not changing my sofa, I am changing my yellow curtains. My current curtains are custom, and I loved them. They’re just too busy to go with the new rug, and since the new color scheme is cream, blue, green, and yellow, they just won’t work. To save time, I’ve purchased ready-made velvet curtains, and I’m adding a green velvet border to the bottom hem to lengthen them and given them a more custom look. Still a lot of work, but much less than making custom curtains.

Quick Tip!

An easy way to give ready-made curtains a custom look is to add a contrasting border to the hem.

So that’s the plan to redecorate so far. The whole look will be softer and more calming. I just want something that feels lighter. I hope to have it finished before Thanksgiving along with a small update to the dining room. Fingers crossed! I’ll keep you in the loop so you know how it’s going!

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