Preview of the renovations

Plumbing and Electric are done
Living room and Kitchen

We are finally winding down with our renovations!  The electrician and the plumber have both finished up there work, so now we’re down to little finishing details. Gone is the 1970’s wallpaper and paneling. Gone is all the carpet. Curtains are being hung. Now it’s looking fresh and new with a bit of a vintage vibe.

Living Room View

Living and dining rooms
You can see a lot in this picture: the living and dining rooms, a bit of the kitchen,
and both the front and back doors entryways. The best view in the house.

This picture was taken from the living room. To the far left is the front entry, then the entrance to the kitchen is just to the right of that. Both of those openings will eventually be trimmed out with moldings, but for now they’re remaining naked.  The large opening on the right is the wall we had taken out, and beyond that, through the dining room, is the back entry. Before that wall was removed, the living room felt very cut off from everything, and the dining room was very dark with little to no natural light.

Since this picture was taken, Jim has installed the baseboards in the kitchen. They make a huge difference. He installed the baseboards right over the rubber wall base. Removing the adhesive and rubber moldings was not going to be an easy job, so we decided to trim off the curved section with a utility knife, and run the baseboards over the top of them. It just seemed easier and less time consuming.

Kitchen View

Kitchen tile
The subway time is installed, now we’re waiting for the appliances.

I’ll share the process of installing the subway tile in another post. It was super easy. Jim loves the look of it, and so do I. I especially love how it goes all the way to the ceiling.  Yes, we have a ceiling fan in the kitchen. I know a lot of designers don’t like them, but sometimes practicality has to trump form and design.  We have cabinet doors for that corner cabinet, but we’ve decided to go with open shelving there instead.

Cabinet hardware
Details are making our custom cabinets even more special.

It’s details like the carved grapes that makes this kitchen special. But one of the details I’m really excited about is the cabinet hardware. All the drawers have fluted glass pulls from the 1920’s. The glass knobs on the doors are vintage inspired, but new, as are the satin finished latches. I love the latches. They really give the kitchen a vintage feeling. You might notice the faucet is bronze and the latches are nickel. I’ll be sharing how to mix metals in another post. It isn’t hard to do, but a lot of people are afraid of trying it.

What is your favorite detail so far?

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