LoribethClark.com is a personal business website. I say personal because my business is very personal to me. It includes my art, my interior design services and my philosophy in life.

It is the place where I express my thoughts and ideas on life, art, and interior design. It is also where I share information about various pieces of my art and the process I go through to create them. It’s a great place to learn about interior design basics and tips.

It is my hope that I have created a beautiful place that is both informative and welcoming, where readers can come to learn, interact with me and obtain products and services.


I encourage and welcome comments and conversation among my readers. All comments should be kind and respectful. Even comments with constructive criticism should show respect. There is no need to attack anyone, and any unkind comments or comments that are personal attacks on my readers or me will be deleted. I enjoy a lively debate, but I’ve always stood by the principle that you attack the idea, not the person. That will not change.

I reserve the right to delete any comments that don’t fit with the spirit of my blog as well as comments whose intent is to advertise. I also reserve the right to delete any comments with links that I feel are inappropriate.  I also reserve the right to block anyone who has previously published offensive comments or spam. Since it is my blog, I will be the one who makes the final determination regarding any comments.

Sponsors, Affiliates & Advertisers

Since my Site, blog and shop are a reflection of me, my business, and my vision of life, I can only allow sponsors, affiliates, and advertisements for businesses which I feel I can personally endorse and whose product I believe in.  Sponsors or advertisers pay a fee for space on my Site. Affiliates pay me a set fee whenever an ad is clicked or a purchase is made using any affiliate links on my Sites, as determined by affiliate agreement.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor on my blog, please send your request to my email. I’ll be happy to consider content and/or high-quality products that are valuable to my lovely readers.


Links are sometimes provided because a product or company looks interesting and relates to the topic of my post. All links unless I have specifically done business with a vendor or company are nofollow links.


If you’re not one of my current sponsors but want to interest me in a promotional giveaway, please send your request using my contact page.  Make sure you include your full name, the company you represent and a link to your products. I’ll carefully evaluate your product(s) to see if they are relevant and valuable to my readers. At this time, giveaways require a minimum of $100 worth of merchandise, plus free shipping to the US.

Product Reviews

I do not participate in any paid product reviews. I will accept complimentary products as long as they’re relevant to my Site, and I think the products will benefit my readers. Any complimentary product I receive will get a personal and honest evaluation. I will only write about and feature products that I genuinely like.

If you think your company’s product is relevant to my Site and you’d like to send me a complimentary item for possible review, please use my comment page.

If you ship a product to me, I can’t guarantee that I’ll use it or review it. If I do write about your product, I’ll embed a link to your company for no charge, and I will give you advance notice of my review. I’ll always give my readers full disclosure that the product you submitted for review was complementary.

Guest Posts & Bloggers

Yes, I will publish posts by guest bloggers, provided they are well written posts which are relevant to my readers and reflect the ideals of my blog. Posts with the sole purpose and intent to advertise will not be considered. I reserve the right to determine what is appropriate for this blog. I will let the guest blogger know when their post will be published. I ask that guest bloggers promote their guest post on their own blog and on any other social media sites they might have. I will also promote their post on my own social media venues.

I will also consider writing guest posts for other blogs. If you think our blogs are in line with each other’s principles and ideas, and you think a post written by me will be beneficial to your readers, please contact me to discuss the opportunity. I reserve the right to decline for any reason.  I ask if I do write a post for your blog that you inform me of the date it will be published so I can help promote it.

External Websites

I cannot guarantee the content, authenticity, or security of external internet websites. By clicking any external website link, you agree to hold me harmless. You are advised to read the privacy policy of external websites before disclosing any personal information.