The Christmas tree is decorated!

Christmas Ornament

Many years ago, I used to get a real tree. I still love the smell of real ones, but I know my limitations. We have a super small house, and when I got to a tree farm to pick out a tree, I never end up picking a small tree… Oh, it looks small at the farm, but it would inevitably turn out to be HUGE when it came to getting it into the house.

Small Moments with Loribeth Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree 2014

So for our first Christmas together, we bought this small Christmas tree that’s the perfect size for our little house. And, every year since we got it, I have decorated it pretty much the same way. It’s kind of hard to change it up when the shape of the tree never changed and you always use the same ornaments.  However, that changed this year…

Small Moments with Loribeth Christmas Ornament
One of the new vintage inspired glass ornaments

Last year, after Christmas, I bought my first item ever off the Home Shopping Network. I found a box of vintage inspired glass ornaments on their site that I had to have. They were so beautiful, and just spoke to me. I honestly could not wait for Christmas to get here so I could hang them on the tree.

Small Moments with Loribeth Christmas Ornament
One of my friends said this one looks like an old-time parfum bottle,
which is exactly what I thought too!

Now, Jim was less than thrilled that I bought them, because he thought we had enough ornaments. He was right, of course. We did have enough ornaments.  But I have to say, the joy I experienced while hanging these ornaments made them completely worth it.

Small Moments with Loribeth Christmas Ornament
This one reminds me of the genie bottle from “I dream of Jeannie”

 A lot of our old ornaments didn’t find their way onto the tree this year, and in some ways that’s kind of sad. I can’t help but think about that story about how the Christmas felt sad after all its ornaments were removed, until it realized one ornament had been forgotten.  And I wonder if the ornaments that were left in the storage box this year feel sad that they weren’t chosen to decorate the tree. Of course, they’re being donated to a local charity, so who knows, they might get used and maybe they’ll bring joy to some other family.

Small Moments with Loribeth Christmas Ornament
Love the warm vintage look of these. 

For now, I’m just going to admire our lovely tree with the presents all wrapped underneath it. Soon we’ll have family over and the presents will be unwrapped, Maybe I should get some of those pine scented candles… hmmm…

Small Moments with Loribeth Christmas Tree 2014
Christmas 2014

Do you have any special ornaments that you love?

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