The only tip you need to keep stainless steel clean

Stainless Steel

I’ve heard it over and over…

“I love my stainless steel appliances, but I hate the fingerprints.”
“Stainless steel is so hard to keep clean.”
“I would get stainless steel, but I don’t want to have to clean it all the time.”
“My kids would have fingerprints all over stainless steel appliances.”
“Stainless steel appliances always look dirty.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s heard these things. It’s common knowledge that stainless steel is hard to keep clean.


I have stainless steel appliances, and my appliances almost always look clean, and I do not have a problem with fingerprints at all.

Let me repeat that…

My stainless steel appliances never show fingerprints.

Do I have your attention now?  Do you want to know what my secret is?

You are going to be surprised…

I dust my stainless steel appliances with Old English furniture polish, and I don’t even do it on a regular basis.

Use Furniture Polish on Stainless Steel
Almond Scented Old English Furniture Polish

I know it sounds odd, but it really does work.  I prefer the Almond scent, so I have to order it on Amazon, but it smells so much better than the scents sold in the stores around here.

You can see my dust rag. I spray the polish on the rag and dust all the stainless steel parts of my appliances. The polish prevents fingerprints. The only time I have to clean my stainless steel is if something spills on it. Then I get the stainless steel cleaner out, get rid of the spill, and then dust it again with furniture polish. The only difference is I actually spray the polish on the appliances after I’ve cleaned them with stainless steel cleaner.

My Sparkling stainless steel stove and microwave
See how my stainless steel sparkles?

Normally, I just spray the polish on my dust rag. I can’t even say I do it on a regular schedule. I did it today, but I think the last time I did it was before Christmas. And, the only reason I did it today, is because I had the polish out to dust our mahogany furniture, not because the appliances needed it.

The polish doesn’t leave a greasy film on the appliances, but it does protect them from finger prints. Even around the handles, you never see fingerprints.

My shiny stainless steel refrigerator.

So you do not need to be afraid of Stainless Steel appliances.  They really are not hard to keep looking clean. Use furniture polish on them, any scent and any brand should work, to keep them clean and fingerprint-free.

Note:  I was not paid for this endorsement of Old English. They do not even know my blog exists. This is just a tip I discovered that keeps Stainless Steel appliances looking fantastic. I shared it because I want you to love your stainless steel as much as I love mine!

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Steve Kershaw
Steve Kershaw
2 months ago

I tried that. Did’t work for me at all. It just made the stainless a smeary mess.