And the winner is…

Green flowers

Jim and I started renovating our kitchen this summer, and I decided it needed some new artwork for the soffit above the upper cabinets.  I originally thought I wanted something with a green background, but with the white cabinets, a white background just appealed to me more.

I wanted something light and airy, something romantic and vintage. I think the green reflects more of a vintage vibe, and the white reflects more a cottage chic vibe.  

Romance I, II, and III (Romance in Green Collection)


Romance I, II, and III (Romance in White Collection)

One of the wonderful things about doing art digitally is it is easy to change the background colors–something I never could do if I weren’t creating with a computer.  But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my canvases and watercolor paper!! I still love the feel of a paintbrush in my hand.

I love how these turned out. On my Facebook page, when I asked which you liked better, opinions were pretty much split down the middle.  White edged out green by just a tad, but both were very popular.  

I don’t think I could choose a favorite between the green and the white.  I chose the white for my kitchen only because when I hung both on the wall, I liked the way the white looked with our white cabinets–not because I liked the white better than the green.

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