We adopted two kittens!

The hole Jasper left in our hearts when he died couldn’t be filled with one kitten. We had to adopt two!  Meet the newest members of our family! Bella and Sophie!  Let me tell you, they’re creating quite a stir in our household.
Bella & Sophie

We just couldn’t bear losing Jasper so unexpectedly. It broke our hearts, but the house seemed strangely empty without him around. So even though we were devastated, we knew we still had a lot of love to give, so that meant a visit to one of the local rescues to adopt a new family member right away.

We had no idea whether we’d actually bring home a kitten or not. We weren’t sure if we were ready, but then I held Bella, and I started to cry.

Bella captured my heart
Bella captured my heart immediately.

We looked at some other kittens, but kept coming back to Bella. Then the lady who runs the rescue said, “It’s even better if you adopt two. They play together and will be much more fun.”  She said this as she brought out Bella’s sister Sophie for Jim to hold, while I was holding Bella.

Sophie purred for Jim
Sophie purred when Jim held her…

I looked at Jim while he held Sophie, and he smiled. That’s when he said, “Well, it looks like we’re bringing home two.”

It certainly was not planned that we would bring home two kittens. We weren’t even sure we were going to bring home one! In fact, we were so unsure whether we were ready for another fur-baby that we hadn’t even brought the carrier to bring one home.  It didn’t take us long to go home and get the carrier though.

First day home
Bella and Sophie their first day home.

At first they were a little skittish, which we expected. They ran every time we got near them. But around day three, they stopped running from me and got very curious about whatever I was doing. The vet gave them a clean bill of health, except Bella had a parasite that was making her have diarrhea, and to be on the safe side, he prescribed medicine for both of them.

I am not posing!
Tia’s nose was out of joint.

Tia was not as thrilled about the kittens as we were. Her nose was put out of joint for a while. She did not like the fact that we brought home two rug rats. She seemed to say, “Nope. You brought home rug rats, so I’m not posing for any pictures. Don’t even ask me to look at you.”

The kittens didn’t seem to mind that Tia ignored them. They just played together and left her alone.

Playing together
We like this feather toy. We’ll even come out
from under the dresser to play with it.

I wish I could say everything been going smoothly, but that’s not the case. I forgot what it was like to have a kitten in the house, let alone two very curious ones who like to get into everything, especially things I don’t want them to get into!

Getting into trouble together
What do you think we’ll find in here?

I’ve had to put away some breakable things, like the chicken we got on our trip to Lithuania and an antique oil lamp that was my grandmother’s. Forget about keeping everything in it’s proper place. The chair I had at the desk behind the sofa has been moved to basement to make room temporarily for the crate we put them in at night. Interior design has taken a backseat to family needs for now.

Rearranging things for them
Yep, that vase had to be moved from the fireplace hearth

But it all seems worth it when I watch them being silly, running around, play fighting, jumping after toys and chasing each other around. And really, how could I not fall totally in love when little Bella falls asleep in my arms?

Falling completely in love
Falling completely in love.

I’ve taken all kinds of pictures of them. It seems like every day they so something even more cute than the day before.

Sophie being silly
Sophie just being silly.

They’re both kind of hams for the camera.

I almost caught it
Bella trying to catch her tail, but getting her foot instead.

I still miss Jasper terribly. He was my baby boy, after all. But these two are keeping me busy and are proving to be wonderful little anti-depressants. They’re really settling in and becoming part of the family. I couldn’t imagine not having them now, although I will be happy when I can put the pet crate away. That’s not going to happen for a while though.

Oh! And here’s a surprise!

Part of the family
All three of my little girls on the sofa together,
AND Sophie’s feet are touching Tia’s back!

It has taken three weeks, but I think Tia has even accepted them into the family!! I don’t think the three of them are bonded, but they’re definitely on the road to getting along, and that makes me think we made a very good choice adding these two to our family!

Life has definitely changed, but these two are making me smile!

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Loribeth Clark
7 years ago

I hope so! Although, I'm not holding my breath. The kittens definitely will, but I'm not so sure Tia will join them. But then again, who knows…I never really expected Tia to sit on the couch with them, so I could be wrong.

KT Solomon
7 years ago

Love the picture of them all on the couch…looks like they will all get along, and maybe even lie closer together if they are cold.