What do you think I should do with our bedroom?

Bedroom Nightstand

I know you’ve all felt it… That urge to redecorate and make changes…  Well, I’m starting to feel that urge again, and it’s our bedroom that I’m getting the urge to change.  Of course, paint will be involved–that’s a given. I have some ideas of what I’d like to do, but I thought I’d ask what you would do if you were decorating our bedroom.

Here are some pictures…

As you can see, the bedroom is so small that the night stands have to face the bed in order to fit. Believe it or not, the drawers actually open all the way, but they’re not easy to get into.

The picture above was taken from the doorway. There is a window behind the bed, but it is off-center, so I hung the curtain all the way across so it’s not noticeable.

The furniture was purchased by Jim when he had a larger bedroom, so it is really too large for our small room. It’s not great quality, but we can’t afford to replace it right now. Jim has said that it is okay to paint it though, so if you have any ideas that include painting–fire away!
Jasper loves sitting on the headboard. You can kind of see the window between the curtains. Take a look at the picture on the wall. I absolutely love that picture and it has to be incorporated in any ideas…
This is the bedroom floorplan, so you can see it is oddly shaped.  The green squares are electrical outlets. The yellow square is where the ceiling fan is located. The black lines indicate exterior walls, the brown lines are interior walls, and the white areas are doors or windows….  The bed is against the wall to the right. 
There you have it… Give me your ideas. What would you do? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! 

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