Working on opening an Etsy shop

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I’ve been pretty busy this month working on my new adventure–opening an Etsy store!

Art, living room, sofa, couch,
Showing how the art I created looks in our Living Room

A couple years ago I talked about opening an Etsy store for bridal accessories. I was so interested in weddings at that time that it seemed like a wonderful idea. But once our wedding and reception were over, I found my first loves, art and decorating, retaking the forefront of my interest. And the saying about doing what you love is really true.

Art, Etsy, Flowers, Herbs, Butterflies
Art I created for our Living Room and my inspiration

The Etsy idea never went away. There was this niggle that I was missing out on something, especially since so many of my blogging friends seem to have online shops. Everyone is so creative, selling beautiful things they’ve made, but I don’t have the space to make things, and I have even less space to store the things I would make until they sold.

Then it came to me!  I could create art and sell it. Granted, I don’t have the space to set up my easel and paint, but not all art involves paint.  I have finally found a way to satisfy my artistic needs, and hopefully I’ll be able to make an income from it!

Here are some examples of things I’ve created that will be sold in my Etsy shop, which I’m hoping to open soon.

Art I created to sell on Etsy
Italian Fruit and Vegetable Series

Etsy, Art, Create, Design, Decor, Savannah
Savannah Watercolors Series

Pink, Flowers, Eiffel Tower, Etsy, Art, Create, Decor, Design
Antique Eiffel Series

Art, Roosters, French, Design, decor, Etsy
Le Coq (Rooster) Series

I’ll be selling the prints, not the frames, and I’m planning to sell them individually and as series.

Okay… Now for the favor.  Oh! You didn’t know I was going to ask for a favor, did you?  Well, I am, and I hope you’ll help me.

For all you Etsy shop owners, please share any tips you have to get started.  Any legal hoops you had to jump through.  Anything that made starting up easier.  A mistakes you made and learned from.  Anything!!!!

Thanks!!!  and wish me luck!!!

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