Yes!! Wallpaper is popular again!

Making the kitchen pretty

You’ve probably noticed that beautifully wallpapered rooms are showing up everywhere. Vintage patterns, English inspired, florals, fruits, geometrics… They’re all back in a big way. And you want to know what? I love it!!

Yep… I wallpapered the kitchen...

I love it so much that I had our kitchen wallpapered in May. It just adds so much personality and totally changes the character of the room. This time, however, I hired someone to do the hard work of hanging the wallpaper.  There were some areas I just didn’t want to deal with myself… Like between the breakfast nook corner windows.

Professions wallpaper installer working.
I hired a professional to hang the wallpaper. Three generations of wallpaper installers.
Seeing how the wallpaper sample goes with the cabinets.
Of course, I got a wallpaper sample to make sure it went with the cabinets.

When I saw this wallpaper, I just thought, “wow.” I knew it would made a huge statement in our kitchen. And I have to tell you, I’ve been crushing on the colors deVOL uses in their kitchens big time. The background of this wallpaper reminded me so much of the colors they use, so you can see why I’d love this wallpaper.

Side tracking the topic…

Can we just take a moment and talk about the deVOL kitchens. I think one of the reasons their kitchens are so popular right now is because they look collected. They create kitchens that don’t use all the standard built-in cabinets. Their kitchens use pieces of furniture, which is something I like to do also. And, of course, the colors are gorgeous. But they feel very homey, like they’ve been that way forever.  I bought their book and their catalog. Just so much inspiration to take in. 

Books from deVOL Kitchens
I think it's lovely that the book is signed. But even the deVOL catalog is filled with beautiful kitchens.

Back to my kitchen...

Anyway… Once the wallpapering was done, I just loved it. I had painted the pegboard to blend in with the background color of the wallpaper the day before the installers came. I thought leaving it white would be too stark and just be an eyesore. And I think I was right because it blends in beautifully. 

View of the pegboard pot holder and the china cabinet.
The pegboard and the China cabinet look great with the wallpaper.

I love how the colors just flow together so nicely. I had some people on Facebook tell me I needed to change the rug because they said it didn’t go with the room. What they didn’t understand is that the kitchen side of the room has yellow cabinets, and the yellow rug actually ties everything in together. 

How the wallpaper looks with the yellow.
As you can see, it all blends in beautifully. Without the yellow rugs, it wouldn't have flowed.

Another change...

I switched out the breakfast nook chairs. We had oak pressed-back chairs that matched the table. But I got to thinking about the extra dining room chairs we had in the basement. I liked the pressed-back chairs, but they seemed to take up a lot of space visually.

So I brought up the extra formal dining chairs and put them around the table.  And you know what? I loved how they looked. They’re mahogany and the table is oak, but I don’t mind at all. I love how sleek they look, and their height is more in line with my original vision for this space. They make the space feel more spacious.  

Blurry picture of breakfast nook with press-backed chairs
Sorry, blurry picture from old phone. But see how the backs of the chair close everything in?

An added bonus… using the mahogany chairs means we no longer have to drag the chairs up from the basement when we use the dining room.  Just to be clear, by “we,” I mean Jim doesn’t have to drag them up! 

Lower chairs give a more spacious feeling
See how the lower chair back let you see the pretty table and feel more spacious

So one last picture for now...

I am just so excited about how it all turned out. It feels like we have a new kitchen. Jim thought we would need brighter lights in the chandelier, but happily that turned out not to be the case. 

Lower chairs open up the space
Pretty table setting in a pretty breakfast nook.

I do have some other plans for the kitchen, but those will happen after Jim retires the end of this year. But until then, I’m just enjoying the way it looks now. 

I don’t like to feel alone here, so don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think about wallpaper coming back in style. 

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